Labeling fixture
Mt St Helens Cellars
My wife and I started Mt St Helens Cellars winery in January 2010 after two decades of wine making
for personal use. Over the years we made more and more wine for ourselves, family and friends and
always found labeling of the wine bottles to be one of the most frustrating steps of the process.
Variations from bottle to bottle, front to back, vertical alignment and height were particularly difficult and
hand labeling usually produced less than desirable results. If labeling was done with a group of people
the results were usually significantly worse. When we started the winery I quickly realized that hand
labeling as we had been doing it for so many years was no longer feasible. I first looked at bottle
labeling machines and discovered that the cheapest on the market were around $400 to $500 and
required roll labels be installed on the machine. Being a small winery with small batches I wanted the
flexibility to quickly make labels for application and did not want to pay for rolls of labels that I might not
use. I use sheet labels which can be purchased online and printed on a lazer or inkjet printer. With my
lazer printer and sheet labels I can print a front and back label for about $.02 - $.04 (depending on the
type of material) each including label sheets and printer toner. Frustrated, I finally decided to design a
fixture of my own. I have 5 fixtures in use at my winery and have given several away to two other
wineries.  All are still in use today and work great!
Now Available!
For more information please contact Gary Dunbar
Price $59.95 plus shipping
(and sales tax for
Washington residents)
The Align-a-label fixture is constructed out of
durable 3/4 in MDF material for long lasting,
reliable use. The fixture comes with assembly
and operating instructions and hardware for
assembly.  In addition, the fixture comes with
two height positioning blocks which allow for on
all bordeaux, burgundy and hoch bottles.