Spirit Lake Coldwater Riesling
Coldwater Riesling is a pleasant semi-sweet wine with rich aromas
of peach, apricot and orange blossom.  With 3.0% residual sugar
this wine has a long fruity finish.  Pair with fresh fruit, fish, or poultry.

Our red wines
2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
Our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon has aromas of black cherry and
strawberry  with a hint of earthiness.  With an intense peppery
feel this full bodied wine closes with a rich, fruity finish.

2013 Bear Ash Red
Our   2013  Bear  Ash  Red   has  aromas of blackberry and
cherry.   With  a  hint  of spice this full bodied wine closes  with  
a n intense  peppery taste.  Enjoy with red meats or pasta.

2013 Fire Mountain Red
This wine is a well balanced blend of Merlot and Cabernet.  With
intense aromas of blackberry and plum, this full bodied wine has
a lingering peppery finish.  Pair with beef, pasta or dark chocolate.

2013 Kick Ash Red                                                
Our Kick Ash Red is a well balanced blend of Merlot and Syrah.  
This wine has a deep garnet color.  With a hint of black plum, a mix
of earthiness, smoke and spices, make this wine a perfect complement
to a hearty dinner of steak or rich Italian entrees.

2013 Sasquatch in a Bottle                                    
Sasquatch in a bottle is a well balanced blend of Merlot, Syrah and
Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of blackberries and currants.  This
wine is great with barbecue meals.

2013 The Volcano's Last Syrah
Our 2011 Syrah has intense earthy aromas with a hint of mushroom
and ripened fruit.  This robust wine is complex with blackberry,
smoke and cherry flavors, a hint of smoke and spicy undertones.

2014 Merlot
Our 2013 Merlot has intense aromas of plum and cranberry with a
hint of apple.  This is a well balanced full bodied wine with a  
lingering finish.  Enjoy with beef or pasta.

Sweet Mountain Fruit Wines

Sweet Mountain Huckleberry                                                        

Spiced Pears & Apples                                                                         



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