Wine Club
The club membership is free with no sign up fees.  We will ship your wines during the months of February, May, August and
Membership benefits include:
- 20% off all wine and gifts at our tasting room or winery
- 25% case discount (mix or match)
- Descriptions of wines with each order and, occasionally, recipes to pair with each wine
- Regular updates on new and limited edition wines.
- Great club parties every quarter.

How the club works:

- We will ship 4 bottles of our wines to you each quarter, in February, May, August and November.  If you prefer, contact us at
least two weeks ahead of the quarterly shipment date and we will gladly substitute your selection for ours and ship additional wine
if you desire.  
- An email will be sent  2 weeks before the scheduled shipment date.  At that time you may make your own selection of wines to be
shipped rather than our selection by simply replying to our email with your selection.
- Wine will be priced at 20% discount from our normal winery prices.  Shipping costs including packaging and UPS ground rates to
the destination will be added.  Shipping costs will vary depending on your location and amount of wine shipped.
- At the time of shipment your credit card will be billed for the amount of the wine plus shipping.
- If you are a local member you may want to pick your wine up at the tasting room on the pick up weekend and enjoy great food,
wines, live music and friendly conversation.

Membership obligations:

- Club member is committing to purchase a minimum of 4 bottles of wine 4 times a year during the months February, May, August
and November.
- Members must commit to a minimum of 4 quarterly shipments or a 1 year membership.  If a member cancels his or her
membership prior to fulfilling the 1 year commitment a service charge of $50.00 will be applied to the member's credit card.
- Wine purchased outside the shipment month does not apply to the next shipment month.
- Club members must give notice in writing or email at least 15 days prior to the end of a shipment month to cancel membership.
- If a shipment is returned to us unclaimed, the club member is responsible for the shipping fees and a service charge of $50.00.  
This also causes automatic cancellation of your club membership.
- It is the club members responsibility to contact Mt St Helens Cellars with any email, address or credit card changes.

For information about how to join our wine club please contact us.

At Mt St Helens Cellars we respect your privacy.  Your name and any additional information you provide to us will not be sold or
given to anyone.  We will carefully protect your information and use it only for our wine club operation.

Here at Mt St Helens Cellars we want your experience with our wine club to be a positive one.  We are proud of our wines and
hope that you enjoy them as much as we enjoy producing them for you.

Note:  We cannot ship to the following states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, New
Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Rhode  Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont
Mt St Helens Cellars
Fire Mountain Club
Join the wine club and enjoy the festivities at our  wine
club pick up parties.  There is always lots of fun, food
and entertainment for everyone!
Please contact Mt St Helens Cellars for details about how
to join.

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